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Welcome to Ludus Magnus’ Razer Colosseum Games [RCG] the UK’s premier regular Fighting Games event supported and hosted by Underworld Asylum. Taking place on Wednesdays’ at Meltdown London, RCG attracts an array of players from pros to beginners who battle-it-out in a professional tournament arena.

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RCG was formulated by interactive games charity Ludus Magnus. Ludus Magnus hosts community focused competitive gaming tournaments to resolve societal issues that exist in local, national and international communities. Postcode rivalry, territorial conflicts and gang culture can affect people from all walks of life directly through crime or indirectly from the ongoing criminality in affected areas.

The negative effects of crime on victims can be traumatic or fatal and therefore have adverse effects on the lives and development of young people’s social, academic and economic development.

RCG is a Ludus Magnus initiative for conflict resolution in communities which provides a safe haven and common ground for young people to be competitive and social without feud or conflict with rewards for their achievements.

RCG is an ongoing series providing support to young people and is open to all.
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